2015 Projects

The year 2015, was the first year of full operations for the CMIH mission team.
We were very active by finishing thirteen projects (four shelter/community projects, seven private homes and two fundraisers); we also established a picture gallery to document our success.

1. Project #1: Jerry’s Inspiration for CMIH – Tommy’s House – Complete Remodel Porch and Interior (First Private Home Project)
2. Project #2: Grace’s House Women’s Shelter – Interior Remodeled and a New Roof (First Shelter/Community Center Project) 
3. Project #3 (City Approved Community Center Project) Laundromat Remodeled into a Community Center – Upper Cut Boxing (Second Shelter/Community Project)
4. Project #4 Park Auction & BBQ at Riverside Park (First Fundraiser Project)
5. Project #5 New Front Porch, Storm Doors and Painting (Second Private Home Project)
6. Project #6 Tanya’s New Roof (Third Private Home Project)
7. Project #7 Chili Cook-Off Challenge ~ Winner Dana Hart (Second Fundraiser Project)
8. Project #8 Melissa’s New Roof & Ceiling Repair (Fourth Private Home Project)
9. Project #9 Hanna’s House Women’s Shelter (Third Shelter/Community Center Project)
10. Project #10 Home Sweet Home Men’s Shelter – Roof and Exterior Painting (Fourth Shelter/Community Project)
11. Project #11 Eloise’s Home – Painting and Remodeled Bedroom (Fifth Private Home Project)
12. Project #12 Earl Street Project – Roof and Exterior Paint (Sixth Private Home Project)
13. Project #13 Golden Home – New Roof, Shower & Storm Window (Seventh Private Home Project)